The Marvel Universe Timeline is Wonderfully Geeky

 - May 20, 2012
References: marvel & geektyrant
Most people who watched the Avengers are presumably not the sort of diehard fans who know every twist and turn of Spiderman's conflict-riddled life, but for those who are, there is this amazingly nerdy, Marvel Universe Timeline.

There is something almost relieving about recounting made-up events in a world that never existed, as there are no consequences in la la land. Actual history is fraught with events that cast long, dark shadows over the present and into the future.

In contrast, recounting the early days of MidGard/Earth, when Odin defeated Laufey and the Jotuns captured the casket of Ancient Winters, can get as fantastical and epic as one wishes, because Odin, Laufey and Jotuns are not real people.