The Science Of Superheroes Video Shows The Reality Behind The Hero

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: youtube & designtaxi
For any Spiderman fans who have ever wondered if becoming the hero could actual happen in real life, check out 'The Science of Superheroes' videos. Created by AsapSCIENCE, a YouTube channel that provides a weekly dose of fun and interesting science, the video looks into the theoretic possibilities of Spiderman. The video, written and created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, describes what would happen if a spider bite was injected into the DNA, causing a ‘retro virus’ to take over the human body.

It is true that there are some scientific realities of Spiderman such as super strength, wall-climbing and silk-spinning abilities, yet it is very unlikely that any "spider senses" would be tingling.

'The Science of Superheroes' provides great information, but without a genetically engineered spider on hand, it is unlikely that Spiderman will exist outside the realm of fantasy.