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As online engagement and digital media become increasingly integrated into consumer lifestyle, video is evolving into a go-to source for not only entertainment but personal expression. Showcasing emerging trends in viral videos, pop culture parodies and visual entertainment, Trend Hunter’s videos category has everything you need to stay on the cutting edge of video innovation.
Interactive Meme Museums
Interactive Meme Museums
9GAG & K11 Art Mall Opened the World's First Meme Museum
K11 Art Mall and 9GAG teamed up to open the world’s very first meme museum and it offers a look at more than 100 viral memes within a dynamic space lit by colorful LEDs. Inside the space,... MORE
Pancake Stack Slippers
Pancake Stack Slippers
Denny's Recently Launched the Limited-Edition Pro Loungers Slippers
Popular breakfast destination, Denny’s, is expanding its typical food offerings with the launch of a lounge-ready, comfy pair of Pancake Stack slippers, titled the Pro Loungers, on StockX. The... MORE
Viral Recipe Cookbooks
Viral Recipe Cookbooks
The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook Shares "Internet-Breaking Recipes"
Dalgona coffee, pancake cereal and feta pasta are just a handful of the food and beverage recipes to take off on TikTok and these viral recipes can be found in one easy-to-reference place thanks to... MORE
play_circle_filled Hellish Dating Ads
Hellish Dating Ads
'When Satan Met 2020' Shares the Devil's Perfect Match
Following a viral Satan-meets-2020 dating ad, Match released When Satan Met 2020, a new spot that riffs on When Harry Met Sally. The ad, created by Ryan Reynolds‘ production studio Maximum Effort,... MORE
Smashing Personal Frozen Items
Smashing Personal Frozen Items
Hop Valley is Helping Say Goodbye to 2020 with its Cryo Drop Method
Hop Valley Brewing Co. is helping people give 2020 the goodbye it deserves with the new Cryo Drops. The brewery will essentially freeze your personal items and then smash the items, helping you... MORE
Food Brand Thanksgiving Apparel
Food Brand Thanksgiving Apparel
STOVE TOP's Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection Helps You “Get Stuffy”
To help fans celerbate Thanksgiving at home this year, STOVE TOP debuted a limited-edition Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection that is “sure to turn your 2020 turkey dinner into a formal affair,... MORE
Viral Mask-Integrated Dresses
Viral Mask-Integrated Dresses
Pretty Little Thing Debuted the Long Sleeve Mask Bodycon Dress
Pretty Little Thing, the popular online fashion boutique, recently made headlines with its new viral mask-integrated dresses. In the era of the “new normal,” wearing a face-covering is... MORE
Top 60 Pop Culture Trends in June
Top 60 Pop Culture Trends in June
From Sci-Fi Franchise Face Masks to Food Scented Nail Polishes
This list of June 2020 pop culture trends explore many ways that brand is connecting with the media through familiar faces and concepts. There are companies that are connecting with consumers... MORE
Tranexamic Skincare
Tranexamic acid is now being used as a topical brightening ingredient
Trend - Tranexamic acid applied topically is the latest popular ingredient in skincare that's purported to brighten skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation. Everything from melasma to post-acne discoloration is being targeted by products that incorporate this ingredient.
Workshop Question - How is your brand catering to its more informed customers?
Dystopic Home Surveillance Systems
Dystopic Home Surveillance Systems
The Squid Game Home Security Camera Guards Keep Watch
Squid Game is Netflix’s new dystopic TV series that is grabbing the interest of many streaming users and industries worldwide. So much so that designers Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon, and... MORE
Meme-Inspired Hot Dogs
Meme-Inspired Hot Dogs
Oscar Mayer Created "Hot Doge" Wieners to Raise Money for Charity
Oscar Mayer created a special pack of Hot Doge wieners that was auctioned off online for thousands of dollars to support the non-profit organization Feeding America. More people are investing in... MORE
Metal-Musician-Branded Guitars
Metal-Musician-Branded Guitars
Gibson Has Debuted the Dave Mustaine Collection of Guitars
‘Gibson,’ the United States-based musical instrument manufacturer, has partnered up with award-winning guitarist Dave Mustaine to launch the ‘Dave Mustaine Collection.’... MORE
Exclusive Plush Toys
Exclusive Plush Toys
Indigo's Exclusive Yeti Squishmallow is Now in Stock
Squishmallows, the popular squishy plush toy, has recently released an exclusive Canadian Squishmallow at Indigo named Horace the Yeti. Each Squishmallow has its own name, personality, interests,... MORE
Video Game-Inspired Footwear
Video Game-Inspired Footwear
PUMA Collaborates with Hit Nintendo Game Animal Crossing
PUMA is releasing a footwear and apparel collection inspired by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons sim game. The clothing giant has informed its new collection based on the colors,... MORE
play_circle_filled Social Media-Focused Films
Social Media-Focused Films
The New A24's 'Zola' Movie is Based On a Legendary Twitterstorm
A24’s ‘Zola’ is a film based entirely on a now-iconic Twitter rant by A’Ziah “Zola” King dubbed ‘#TheStory’, which appeared online in 2017. Though the movie... MORE
play_circle_filled Equal Hotdog Bun Packs
Equal Hotdog Bun Packs
The Heinz Hot Dog Pact Demands Equal Bun and Hotdog Ratios
In honor of National Hot Dog Month, Heinz is addressing an issue that has plagued the public for decades with its new Heinz Hot Dog Pact. The new petition seeks to rectify why hot dog wieners have... MORE
Hyper-Realistic Tattoo Filters
Hyper-Realistic Tattoo Filters
Jerferson Araujo's Tattoo Filter on Instagram is Super Realistic
Content creator Jeferson Araujo offers a hyper-realistic tattoo filter called ‘Rampage’ that projects tattoos onto a user’s skin. Araujo’s filter uses Skin Segmentation... MORE
play_circle_filled Meme-Inspired Hard Lemonade Ads
Meme-Inspired Hard Lemonade Ads
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Ad Uses the Filter That Made "Lawyer Cat"
The accidental use of a cat filter during a virtual Zoom court hearing led to a viral Internet sensation and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade ad starring “Lawyer Cat.” Texas attorney Rod Ponton... MORE
Top 65 Pop Culture Trends in February
Top 65 Pop Culture Trends in February
From Upcycled Wool Mittens to Virtual K-Pop Experiences
These February 2021 pop culture trends kick off the new year with excitement and new experiences. The internet brings attention to many different topics this month. One of the most notable pop... MORE
Giant Hot Sauce Challenges
Giant Hot Sauce Challenges
Frank's Red Hot Tapped David Dobrik and Eli Manning
Even without an official Super Bowl ad, Frank’s Red Hot was able to generate buzz for its brand with a viral moment featuring YouTuber David Dobrik and former New York Giants quarterback Eli... MORE
Hip Hop Battle Card Games
Hip Hop Battle Card Games
This Card-Based Drinking Game Celebrates Hip Hop Culture
The University of Dope, a hip hop battle card game created by Marian “Skinni Bee” Andoh and A.V. “” Perkins, is the perfect game for lovers of hip hop. The drinking... MORE
Virtual K-Pop Singles
Virtual K-Pop Singles
The New K/DA Single is First on the Billboard's World Digital Song Chart
While K-Pop is gaining attention internationally, a new aspect of the genre recently is now at the top of Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, however, the artists are from an augmented... MORE
play_circle_filled Discount Grocery Store Albums
Discount Grocery Store Albums
NO FRILLS Launched the Edgy 'Haulin' State of Mind' Album
NO FRILLS, the Canadian chain of deep discount supermarkets owned by Loblaws, recently debuted an edgy album, dubbed ‘Haulin’ State of Mind.’ Fans can text “album” 374-... MORE
Viral Marketing Tactics
Viral Marketing Tactics
Ocean Spray Gifted '420doggface208' with a Cranberry Juice-Filled Truck
After releasing a video of himself taking a swig of Ocean Spray juice while riding his longboard and lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams,’ Nathan Apodaca, otherwise known on... MORE
play_circle_filled Voting-Encouraging Dancer Campaigns
Voting-Encouraging Dancer Campaigns
The 'Get Your Booty to the Poll' Ad Encourages Viewers to Vote
With American elections just around the corner, a new campaign called ‘Get Your Booty to the Poll’ was launched encouraging viewers to vote. The name of the campaign, Get Your Booty to... MORE