Illanes Jean-Philippe 'Anatomia' Opens Up Spiderman

The Illanes Jean-Philippe 'Anatomia' shows us a very new perspective of Spiderman. The anatomical doll was created by the Paris-based artist Illanes Jean-Philippe, who also works as a muralist, a visual artist and a filmmaker. Illanes Jean-Philippe is playing with pop culture in this piece as he opens up the beloved superhero. And, what is seen by the viewer through the anatomy of Spiderman is all that makes him human.

Despite having spider senses, the hero is in his human state, and all his bodily elements are equivalent to any other human from the intestines to the skeleton. The doll reminds the viewer that every hero is fallible and that they too can be heroes.

The Spiderman doll is available for purchase on Saatchi Online for $2,300 US.