Mike Mitchell Emphasizes the Softer Qualities of Life

 - May 20, 2012
References: sirmikeofmitchell & sweet-station
Fans of Mike Mitchell will recognize the talented artist's cute and comical illustrations in his new collection of drawings featuring super heroes taking an alternative approach towards crime fighting.

Why is it that Batman and Spiderman have to spend all their time pummeling the bad guys? Perhaps the caped crusader would rather spend his time taking pictures of Penguin's minions rather than beating them into a pulp. Mitchell's representation of typically serious characters takes a lighter tone with Marvin the Martian gazing at a flock of butterflies and Star Trek's Geordi La Forge enjoying his time gazing through a View Master.

Playfully charming and adorable, Mike Mitchell's artwork emphasizes innocence rather than the hard-boiled. It's nice to see that when Flash retires he will be happily sitting in his wheelchair petting his parakeet Pete.