- Feb 25, 2014
With the unfortunate passing of the Ghostbusters' Harold Ramis, fans the world over will be commemorating his work, especially as part of the iconic Ghostbusters team. The products here range from T-Shirts to blaster pack backpacks and and bobble head dolls. This collectible toys and other products are the perfect way to commemorate a great film and actor.

From Ghostbuster sneakers to LEGO box sets and Slimer-inspired products, there are a myriad of items inspired by and made to commemorate the iconic film and the characters and actors that made the film as memorable and beloved as it is. Ghostbusters' Harold Ramis will be remembered fondly by fans and critics. Celebrate him and the rest of the Ghostbusters team with these exciting and fun collectibles, toys, videos and pieces of artwork.

These Items Commemorate Ghostbusters' Harold Ramis: