These Art and Fashion Examples Celebrate National Ghostbusters Day

 - Aug 28, 2014
From contemporary art pieces to pop culture inspired clothing, these spooky finds celebrate National Ghostbusters Day. Starring Ernie Hudson, Dan Akyroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, the 1984 film still remains a cult classic for 80s babies and lovers of fun sci-fi cinema.

The film spawned a sequel in 1989 and has since been the inspiration behind a number of countless products or artful homages. Standouts from this list of National Ghostbusters Day finds include Rob Driscoll's inflated art masterpiece that recreates the film's popular logo using colored balloons.

Another fan favorite from the list is Lego's ‘Ecto-1’ set that recreates the film's iconic vehicle along with its cast of characters that have been translated into mini and lifelike block figures.