These LEGO Ghostbusters Creations Ask 'Who You Gonna Call?'

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: flickr & bitrebels
Anybody who had their childhood in the 80s probably has fond memories of both playing with LEGOs and the Ghostbusters movie; so it was only a matter of time until some nostalgic geeks combined the two into these awesome LEGO Ghostbusters finds.

The gallery was put together by a group of LEGO Ghostbusters fans on Flickr who each submitted some of the astonishing ghost catching creations on display. My personal favorite is the recreation of the iconic Staypuft Marshmallow Man terrorizing downtown New York. Somehow seeing the scene recreated with LEGO makes it all the more fun and nostalgically heartwarming. The recreations of the the ECTO-1 Ghostbusting car and a stunning LEGO ghost trap are just a few more of the creations that round out the LEGO Ghostbusters gallery.