The Coca-Cola 'Recycled Safari' Puts Used Drinks to Good Use

When travelling, one thing is for sure, an individual does not have to worry about having to search for a can of coke, and if visiting Tel Aviv, one must look out for this amazing Coca-Cola ‘Recycled Safari’ exhibit. Featuring dolphins, a gorilla and a few other animals, these models are all constructed from used Coca-Cola packages. They are extremely colorful and really show that the company takes the recycling of its vast array of products to heart.

Coca-Cola can be found virtually anywhere and that means an equal amount of waste can be found as well; however, the company splices this concept with this safari. Putting a heavy importance on the well-being of Mother Nature while simultaneously producing the most sought-after drink in the world is no easy feat, but Coca-Cola conquers it with this installation.