- Mar 12, 2014
Sometimes the best branding and products comes out of a good, old-fashioned brand partnership. Coming with a fresh idea in a vacuum isn't always the easiest or best idea so sometimes brands collaborate to create something that is better than anything they could make individually.

We've seen Brands like Coca-Cola and 7UP collaborate with various things from clothing brands to extreme sports and brads like Red Bull have made whole business models out of it. The ideas are simple in theory, but the way they are executed is the key to creating long lasting and fruitful brand partnerships.

With Android having named one of its most recent operating systems after a chocolate bar (Kit Kat to be exact) we see the power of good collaborations between brands. It's been long-standing tradition and the boundaries will continue to be pushed for a long time to come.

These Brand Partnerships Show the Value of Teaming Up: