Mrs. Freshley's and Cinnabon Expand Their Partnership

 - Mar 23, 2015
References: mrsfreshleys & marketwatch
The cinnamon desserts created through the collaboration between Cinnabon and Mrs. Freshley's has been expanded. Including two new cakes, it brings even more sweetness to vending machines across the nation. Through this partnership, Cinnabon is able to target a whole new on-the-go demographic who loves their cinnamon desserts.

With a unique take on people's favorite Cinnabon offerings, the cinnamon desserts take on the form of mini donuts, twirls and more. These cinnamon desserts are available in three ounce single serve three-packs and six ounce multi-pack 6-packs. This variety ensures people are presented with the best options for them. Great for a quick breakfast solution or a sugary snack, the Cinnabon by Mrs. Freshley collection is great for adults and children alike.