Recycled Water-Gun Lamps by Luca Scarpellini Embody Many Ideas

The handmade water-gun lamps of the ChildHood collection from UseDesign embody a lot of curious concepts. First, it encompasses burial-revival-recycle-art -- the objects used by Luca Scarpellini (the artist-designer behind UseDesign) come from flea markets and scrap dealers, wrecks found in a virtual gadget-cemetary. Their imaginary "past-life-stories" are buried under a thick layer of creativity and playfulness, and at the end a recycled design piece is born.

Another theme is one that incorporates childhood escape and nostalgia. Everybody becomes sentimental about childhood games, toys and memories from time to time. The ChildHood collection provokes these sentiments and makes us reflect on how childhood in general has evolved. What images spring to your mind after looking at these black and white, severe-looking (water)-gun lamps? Can you see images of children forced to grow up with guns?

Finally, it is inspired by Philip Starck's Flos Gun Collection. Scarpellini's reinterpretation is fresh, cheeky and has a story to tell.