- Jan 29, 2014
Valentine's Day is going to come sooner than you think, but before you pull the trigger on a dozen roses, you should check out all of these bizarre and atypical bouquets. These bouquets are sure to stand out from the pack as they aren't exactly filled with flowers. Well, some are, but only if you consider bacon folded to look like a rose a flower.

In addition to bacon, there's also bouquets made out of kitties, trash and taco packs. While these aren't exactly traditional designs, they are certainly creative and are above all else original. That being said, roses are solid as well, but if you want to take a chance this Valentine's Day, then you'll want to opt for one of these bizarre and atypical bouquets.

From Plush Feline Bouquets to Upcycled Graffiti Arrangements: