Strange Floral Tributes

 - Nov 20, 2008
References: thevolabroad.blogspot
Flower tributes are strange beings. They either make you happier than you have ever been, or make you cry your heart and soul out.

I know these all have a deeply personal meaning, but I pray they bury some of these bad taste floral tributes as well. Some are enough to make you lose the will to love alone. Putting my claws away for a moment, what I do like about these is their originality; you certainly wouldn't miss these at a grave site. The 'Bells' one is either the best or worst thing ever to grace a graveyard.

I wanted to get my best friend one in the shape of a vinyl record, as he would have loved it in an ironic sense. I chickened out in the end, as I feared others would not share our sense of humor.