From Casket-Shaped Cigarette Cases to Creepy Coffin Purses

 - Oct 23, 2013
Even when Halloween is not just around the corner, objects from the graveyard are just as creepy as ever.

At this time of year, cemetery items and graveyard-inspired objects conjure up images of undead creatures, death and decay. Whether they intend to or not, these innately spooky products infuse life with a dose of the macabre. Items like grave marker-shaped soaps and tombstone-like lighting might be a little much as ordinary home decorations, but they are spot on for Halloween.

With so many people active online, many of these products address issues on how to address the digital afterlife. One of the strangest things you might encounter in a graveyard someday is the E-Tomb, a gravemarker that offers a way to communicate with the deceased through social media.