'RROD Coffin' by Alexis Vanamois Lets Old Games Rest in Peace

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: creativegenius.au & pcworld.idg.au
It's heartbreaking for any gamer when their consoles breakdown, so instead of tossing it in the trash right away, give it a proper burial in the RROD Coffin.

Chances are, most people have an old Super Nintendo or Playstation laying somewhere in the house unused and non-functional. For those looking to get rid of it, the RROD Coffin by designer Alexis Vanamois will give it resting spot so that it no longer just sits there. The interior features a compartment for the console itself and a miniature holding spot below it for the controller. Now it won't seem as heartless when you replace that old Xbox with the more advanced 360 model.

My hope is that Vanamois will create a coffin for the Dreamcast: a classic console that deserves to rest in peace once and for all.