Broken Bog

 - Jan 1, 2008
References: brokenbog
This is one of my most favourite discoveries ever: a toilet graveyard, more specifically, the Broken Bog.


Now you won't have to loos out on retro bathroom appliances!

Toilets aside, this place would be great as a filming / shooting location, and even better if your bog is broken. I love the fact that shopping here is recycling (being green is so on trend for 2008) and that you can get them in all sorts of retro groovy colours.

I think turquoise would look amazing next to black pearly tiles for example, or use pink if you're into tinkling into your bathroom decoration. They claim to have every single colour of toilet ever made, they say, if they don't have it, then it was never made.

I also love the sense of humor Broken Bog has about their erm... broken bogs. They even feature a bog of the week featuring their favorite hardcore breakages and some history of the broken bog. For example;