Funny Slogans and Light-Hearted Designs for the Dead

 - Jul 4, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: nowthatsnifty.blogspot
Some of these headstones are both unique and hilarious. From headstones that say “That's all folks!” to a Rolling Stones tombstone, these commemorating messages seem to show what the deceased person was passionate about.

You can probably come up with different stories about the deceased by checking out the headstone gallery. From a clothes pin and a motorcycle, to a computer, there must be a tale that lies behind these stones.

Implications - In many cultures, death is not seen as a morbid or tragic event, but rather an opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased. Humor is an effective means of doing so, and these humorous headstones are the perfect example of using humor to make a tragic situation easier. While some may see these headstones as tasteless, those who use them are surely in the mindset that the deceased would have appreciated the originally comedic perspective on tragedy.