The Contemporary Sirkel Tombstone Represents the Circle of Life

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: & designspotter
Gravestones come in all shapes and sizes, but seldom do they have holes in their middles. The Sirkel Tombstone bears a gaping gap in its center that some may find is reflective of the hole that the deceased's absence has left behind.

Designer Tomas Eidsvold Eriksen did have this in mind when he came up with this hollow round form. He also felt that the circular shape was perhaps more symbolic of the cycle of life, from birth to death, and that its modern shape is non-denominational.

In order to not disrupt the existing graveyard setting, the Sirkel Tombstone would be made from the same beautiful and durable granite. A layer of glass in the middle gives the headstone dimension and a metal plaque on the front can be inscribed with the departed's name.