From Creepy Cemetery Pictorials to Graveyard Photo Shoots

 - Jun 7, 2013
When it comes to making a statement on the runway or magazines, fashion retailers seem to have no bounds when it comes to shock value, and these spooky graveyard fashion spreads are some excellant examples of how style is emerging from the most unlikely of places.

While it may be morbid and eerie for people to associate their clothing with graveyards and the undead, there is no denying that there is quite a fascination surrounding the notion of the afterlife and death. These dark themes and references are reflected in the types of clothing styles showcased in these fashion spreads, using mainly black and traditional types of clothing to reflect the dire and heavy subject matter that surrounds them.

A combination of gothic and Victorian styling, these graveyard fashion spreads are showcasing that new concepts in fashion can come from the most eerie of places, including a cemetery.