From Tweeting Teapots to Tweet-Sending Bras

 - Dec 17, 2013
Tons of people like to talk on Twitter and so do many inanimate objects. As much as these items are in no way alive, it can be fun to personify them with a voice on how they might sound if they could talk.

The purposes of creating a Twitter account for an inanimate object seem to range from frivolous to charitable to quite practical. This includes things like Imogen Heap’s dress at the 2010 Grammys that displayed a live Twitter feed, or devices capable of sending reminders when the laundry can be taken out of the dryer or it’s time to water a plant.

It’s possible to find everything from undergarments to accessories that tweet, but hopefully these items will be worn one at a time to prevent an information overload on a Twitter news feed.