The Tweeting Fridge Reminds You to Drink Your 8 Glasses a Day

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: vimeo & adverblog
In the modern, digital world, social media is the most effective way of conveying a message to the world -- especially one that carries a great deal of importance. So what better way to make sure kids and adults alike are getting their eight glasses of water a day than to use a tweeting fridge?

The fridge sends a reminder tweet with a fun fact about water consumption every time it's opened! Founded in Brazil, where Brazilian citizens drink 40% less than the recommended two-litres a day, the fridge has the goal to remind people to drink water more often.

Sooner rather than later, parents will be tweeting at their kids from across the dinner table: "@mychild Eat your veggies or #nodessert!"