From Crass Creamy Treats to Political Ice Cream

 - May 25, 2012
Ben & Jerry's has made a huge empire for itself in the ice cream world (what a wonderful world, no?), which have led to some of the most innovative Ben & Jerry's confections in an effort to stay relevant. As such, they've done and created some surprising products and events. Surprisingly political in their advertising and promotions, the gigantic ice cream manufacturer created the "Yes Pecan!" flavor in honor of President Obama, gave away free scoops to all those who voted in the 2008 election (regardless of political affiliation of course) and created flavors for all the 2010 British Prime Minister candidates (current PM David Cameron has the Cameron Chew Chew)

The ice cream company has managed to maintain their edge in the ever-changing world. Offering quality product and delectable flavors the mindblowing Ben & Jerry's confections live on as the premium ice cream.