Racked Ben & Jerry's Competition Churned Out Scrumptious Couture Humor

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: racked & fashionista
The controversy over the newly released B & J flavor called 'Schweddy Balls' amusingly inspired the Racked Ben & Jerry's competition to come up with a range of fashion-themed ice creams. It seems that the website staff began by having their own fun, but it ultimately resulted in an online competition whereby Twitter users started posting their scrumptiously comical concepts for a chance to be featured on Racked.

A few of the more classic-looking ideas that were jerry-built in photoshop include 'Banana Wintour' in honor of Anna Wintour, 'No More Carmel Toe,' 'Jeremy Scott's Hott Buns' and 'Donna Karamel.' Artemis's "Blast my nips!" was churned into 'Blast my Chips,' to round out a ridiculous, hilarious and delicious collection of fictional Racked Ben & Jerry's flavors.