The Schweddy Balls Cupcakes are Knee-Slappingly Delicious

If you thought the ice cream flavor was crazy, wait until you get a load of these Schweddy Balls cupcakes. Ice cream tycoon Ben & Jerry’s were certainly onto something when they referenced the genius Alec Baldwin sketch from SNL, because not only has the flavor taken off, it has inspired a series of copycats such as these crass cupcakes.

Featuring the similar flavors to the frozen original, these tasty cakes hail from Cupcrazed Cakery in Fort Mill, SC. Wonderfully topical and deliciously decadent, these comedic cakes are sure to become an instant hit among those who frequent the adorable bakery. Proving that modern sugar connoisseurs are most definitely equipped with a funny bone, these Schweddy Balls cupcakes are bound to inspire a few snickers.

Hilariously crass and punctuated with delicious pop culture, these Schweddy Balls cupcakes are hysterically delicious.