- Aug 25, 2014
When you start to detect a chill in the air, you have to know it's time to crack into the cookbooks for some fall food ideas to keep you cozy, well-fed and warm.

If you're a fan of fall's best flavors, some of the top things to look forward to include savory dishes featuring earthy root vegetables and sweets that include warming spices like cinnamon. Although holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are still a ways away, these drinks, meals and dessert ideas will keep you satisfied before and after Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to the mountains of leftovers that you know will be around. Rather than making the same old pumpkin pies and turkey sandwiches, these fall food ideas offer unique twists to make you fall in love with these classic dishes all over again.

From Bite-Sized Pumpkin Pies to Bursting Brown Sugar Apples: