Thanksgiving Dinner Ice Cream Makes Meal Flavors into Yummy Scoops

If you’re looking for unique desserts to serve your guests this year, Thanksgiving dinner ice cream is an interesting choice that could end up tasting delicious.

This ice cream comes from an ice cream shop called Salt & Straw and these flavors dare you to step outside your comfort zone and indulge in new and exciting flavors. Although you’re probably used to sweet and sugary ice cream, these ones add some salty tastes to the mix. For example, if sweet potatoes are your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, trying the sweet potato and candied pecan flavor might just be your favorite. Other flavors include salted caramel thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin custard and spiced chevre and apple cranberry stuffing.

However, if you’re feeling super adventurous, serve the mincemeat pie flavor and see which of your guests can handle it.