This Dine and Dish Dessert Will Make a Divine Conclusion to Dinner

 - Oct 14, 2012
Prepare to sink your taste buds and teeth into this Dine and Dish dessert. Taking inspiration from a traditional carnival favorite, known as the funnel cake, this recipe incorporates the flavors of apple cider into a delectable sweet. While cider is conventionally served in mugs, why not mix things up and enjoy this confection in a new form?

With an apple cider flavoring and sweetly crunchy texture, this Dine and Dish dessert will have kids and company anxiously waiting for its appearance. For an additional kick of flavors, the funnel cakes can be sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon and powdered sugar. Simply by following the step-by-step instructions bakers will be able to enjoy the smell and the taste of a crispy hot apple cider funnel cake. That is most definitely a win-win situation.