From Green Tea Curries to White Chocolate Tea Desserts

 - Jun 7, 2015
Tea-infused recipes allow consumers to partake in their favorite teas without a cup. These delicious dishes range from creative culinary confections to decadent desserts.

For those who prefer a steamy cup of Earl Grey in the morning, Tasty Yummies' blackberry mini muffins are the perfect tea-filled replacement. Green tea is a favored tea among the masses and it is quite healthy. The green matcha powder carries various health benefits which it features in an array of matcha-included desserts. Chocolate truffles covered in matcha powder and anime-inspired s'mores are only the beginning of the detoxing tea dishes.

Exotic teas are also included with these tea-infused recipes. Thai tea ice cream makes the perfect summer while Masala Chai Tea whipped cream makes for a super sweet dessert topping.