This Creme Brulee Recipe is Infused with English Earl Gray Tea

 - Jul 27, 2013
References: honestlyyum
Foodies will enjoy this tea-flavored creme brulee recipe that is infused with the sweet aromatic taste of English Earl Grey tea. A fresh twist on the traditional custard cake recipe, this Earl Grey-flavored cream brulee has a distinctively sweet taste.

To add the Earl Grey flavor to the cream brulee custard, the cream used is infused with Earl Grey tea. Whether using a tea bag or loose leaf tea, add the tea to the cream and let the cream simmer so the tea deliciously infuses the flavor of the cream. Surprisingly, the Earl Grey adds a sharp, aromatic taste to the cream that you can taste even after baking. Continue to make the cream brulee in the standard recipe form. The custard will turn a milky brown, just like a cup of Earl Grey tea. To add an extra English touch, you can serve the Earl Grey creme brulee in cute little white tea cups.