- Jan 18, 2015
These tea drinker DIY projects range from artistic mug designs to alternative advent calendars. The projects on this list will appeal to the craft lover and are fun to try with the whole family.

While hand-painted mugs add personality to any place setting, a tea bag advent calendar is a fun and healthy alternative to caloric chocolate calendars. This list of tea drinker DIY projects also features crocheted tea cup and teapot cozies that will keep one's drink warm without hurting their fingers.

Other fun examples from the list are heart-shaped tea bags that are hand-sewn as well as custom Valentine's Day drinks that are a budget-friendly gift for your sweetheart. Moreover, the list includes DIY sweetener recipes that add a romantic element to any tea drinking experience.

From Artistic Mug Crafts to Tea Bag Advent Calendars: