With This 'My Baking Addiction Creation,' Hunger Will Not Be an Option

This 'My Baking Addiction' creation will transform a Thanksgiving dessert staple into a bite-sized sweet worthy of praise and thanks. With October just days away, events like Halloween and Thanksgiving are at the forefront of upcoming festivities. This also means an abundance of savory dishes is on the way. Many of these delicious goodies will have October's orange mascot, the pumpkin, as a main ingredient.

Shrink pumpkin pie into a personal pastry form with this creation. With tangy flavors, spicy sweets and a home-style taste, these autumn-inspired goodies can serve as both appetizers or as desserts. Be sure to make room for the mountains of mashed potatoes, the gloriousness that is gravy and juicy chunks of tender turkey that will inevitably decorate your dinnerwar. Give pumpkin pie a revamped look at this year's Thanksgiving dinner table that will have your guests enjoying the deliciousness of an entire pumpkin pie in one scrumptious bite.