Unilever Develops Freeze-at-Home Ice Cream to Reduce Emissions

 - Aug 24, 2009
References: business.timesonline
Wow! Ice cream might never be a guilt-free pleasure, but researchers are hoping to make the dairy indulgence better for the planet, if not our waistlines.

Unilever is developing a freeze-at-home low-carbon ice cream which it reckons will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The FMCG giant, the world’s largest producer of ice cream with brands that include Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, hopes that a "low-carbon" product sold at room temperature and frozen at home will minimize environmental impact.

Ice cream is one of the company’s more energy-intensive products because of the need to keep it frozen during transport and storage.

Research is being undertaken in Unilever’s own laboratories with Cambridge University. Gavin Neath, Unilever’s senior vice-president for sustainability, told The Times: "We have to look at a really radical solution."