These Inventions Make Eating Yogurt Fun and Healthful

 - Mar 25, 2014
Eating yogurt now seems to be just as much about indulgence in good health as it is about eating something delicious. To make the benefits of yogurt as accessible as possible, yogurt cups make consuming the dairy product extremely easy, but in much more sophisticated ways than drinking it from a tube. This includes yogurt packaging that integrates a spoon into its form, or detachable cups where a consumer can add as much or as little fruit as they like, instead of it already being mixed in or at the bottom of a cup.

Sometimes the seriousness of being health-conscious and the mission to provide fuel to the body can take the pleasure out of eating, but some of these yogurt innovations manage to bring fun into the mix too. Some perfect examples of this include turning yogurt into frozen treats with a popsicle stick, or designing cups in such a way so that they can be stacked or snapped together to form toy-like shapes for kids. Who said that playing with your food wasn’t good for you?