Siobhan Cotter Creates Vivacious Packaging for Busy Berry

 - May 30, 2012
References: packagingoftheworld
Design student Siobhan Cotter created a vibrant concept packaging design for the fictional juice brand Busy Berry. The imagined Busy Berry boasts a line of juices and yogurts that are 100% all natural, using only ingredients that are locally sourced. This juicy product line was designed for the health-conscious in need of a quick boost. To demonstrate the juice and yogurt's energy-brewing capabilities, Cotter favoured brilliant colors and bold graphics.

Siobhan Cotter created a series of paper-cut renderings of fruits and herbs to serve as labels. She favored a subtly sun-bleached palette of vivacious neons. The typography is bold, simple and slightly distressed, adding to the packaging's beach bum aesthetic. The text reads in short visceral bursts, giving the consumer a preview of the flavor odyssey housed inside.

Complete with high-energy graphics and bold text that leaps off the bottle, the Busy Berry packaging will have you jonesing for a little berry bliss.