Pepto-Bismol Ice Cream Is A Yummy Upset Stomach Cure

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: blogjam
Nausea? Heartburn? Indigestion? Upset stomach? Diarrhea?

Craving for ice cream? Then Pepto-Bismol ice cream is your answer. Not sold in stores, this unique mixture was concocted by a blogger by the name of Fraser (Blogjam). She cleverly found the ingredients to make such a treat (they’re posted on her website) and successfully created this one-of-a-kind medicinal delight! After writing to the manufacturers of Pepto-Bismol, Proctor & Gamble, for advice in her endeavor, they replied with an unhelpful response about using the medicine only as directed on the bottle. So Fraser took matters into her own hands, did the Pepto-Bismol dance, and BOOM! - therapeutic frozen yogurt. So, next time you’re feeling sick, and adventurous, try conjuring up this bad boy.