From Bacon Ice Cream to Beer-Infused Push Pops

 - Jun 17, 2013
Staying cool during the height of summer is always a difficult task, but with these inventive ice cream recipes and flavors, fighting the heat has never been easier, or more delicious.

Some of these recipes are meant for the culinary adventurer, while others are meant for those who want to try their hand at making some cute desserts to impress friends and family. For instance, the DIY frozen chocolate bananas are easy to create, but will charm any party guest with their delicious fondu-esque taste. If a more adult recipe is required, whether it's for a Fourth of July barbecue, or even a bachelor/bachelorette party, there are several booze-infused ice cream recipes out there, like the vodka root beer float. This delicious concoction combines all the malt shop nostalgia of a regular float with the grown-up qualities of a spiked drink.

Whether you're looking for a recipe for a casual pool party, a neighborhood barbecue or just to offer to the family, these inventive ice cream flavors are sure to impress and 'wow' anyone who's lucky enough to try them.