Give Taste Buds a Run for Their Money with this Pennies on a Platter Dessert

Combining Asian cuisine and sugary sweets, this Pennies on a Platter Dessert is bound to amaze any and all appetites. While traditionally filled with fresh oriental vegetables, mouthwatering spices and served with savory or sweet sauces, this egg roll recipe stands out in stark contrast.

In the absence of these ordinary ingredients, the Pennies on a Platter Dessert uses chocolate chips, brown sugar, vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream. While this recipe may not be as health-conscious as the latter option, it is well worth indulging in once and a while.

Today’s culture seems set on a path to deep-fry anything and everything possible, from beer to kool-aid and butter. Now, individuals can enjoy the crunchy sweetness of cookie dough sealed in an egg roll wrapper fried to perfection. Get your culinary skills in gear by combining all the necessary ingredients and flash frying these egg rolls, which will make both eyes and mouths water with happiness.