This Oh Nuts! Frozen Dessert is a Delectable Option

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: ohnuts
The Oh Nuts! frozen dessert combines all the best sugar-filled comfort foods into one creamy concoction. Imagine peanut butter cups, fudge, chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream all co-existing in harmony. The recipe provided by Oh Nuts!, a blog chock-a-block full of a peanut-infused recipes, features an array of pictures that will jump-start any sweet tooth.

Constructed in multiple layers, this Oh Nuts! frozen dessert is bound to satiate any cravings one has for sugary substances. As this after-dinner creation is frozen the hardest part of the recipe will be anxiously waiting for them to freeze. Cooks spice up the dessert recipe by substituting in Oreo cookies or Turtles Chocolate Cluster. No matter how you make them there are bound to be no complaints at all.