The Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Bake is Entirely Natural

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: joythebaker & joythebaker
Joy the Baker's Vegan Apple Cranberry Bake is the perfect option for healthy foodies. Whether one abides by the no animal by-product rule or not, the post is easy to follow, delectable and relatively guilt free as far as one's diet and conscious goes.

The challenge that Joy faces here stems from the inability to use egg or dairy products. Most crumbles make use of both, and so she had to opt for ingredients that would maintain the rich texture while also not compromising the vegan theme. She did so with fresh cranberries, thick rolled oats and Fuji apples. She then chose to top the dish with salted caramel ice cream despite its off-limits status to strident vegans, an option that readers may choose to leave out.