Challenge Your Taste Palette With the Miso Ramen Ice Cream

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: foodbeast & incrediblethings
The Miso Ramen ice cream demonstrates that Japan is very good at thinking outside the box when it comes to thinking up new and diverse dessert varieties. The questionably flavored frozen dessert is available at a theme park in Tokyo entitled Namja Town, which is where YouTube user Thisjapanesegirl went to bravely test her palette.

Though miso and ramen is a very popular and savory meal within the Japanese culture, it is a flavor that is seldom thought to bode well with a sweet and creamy dessert. As the consequent taste testing video can attest to, the ice cream treat is definitely not a flavor for everyone.The flavor is described as "kinda tastes like some weird peanut butter," and as the tester's face scrunched into a displeased expression, one can easily see that the Miso Ramen ice cream is a dessert rarely tasted before.