The Cold Stone Christmas Proposal Cake is a Memorable Dessert

In Japan you are able to purchase a specially made holiday Cold Stone Christmas Proposal Cake to help you pop the question to the one dear to your heart. The cake is a joint venture between i-primo and Cold Stone Creamery.

If you're not one for words, let the satisfying strawberry shortcake ice cream dessert say it all for you. All you need to do is head down to i-primo to purchase the ring and place it in the center of the raspberry Santa Claus gathering. A cursive placard wishes your fiancee Merry Christmas as she gasps at the sight of a beautifully crafted box sitting in the middle of her dessert.

The Cold Stone Christmas Proposal Cake promotion is for the first 100 men who stroll into the i-primo jewelry store and purchase a ring. The treat also comes with congratulatory tickets that offer free ice cream.