- Aug 30, 2013
While kitchen fridges ordinarily feature a very simple and common rectangular shape and design, these unorthodox refrigerators are here to showcase some bizarre and eccentric models that homeowners will certainly be intrigued by.

Refrigerators are one of the most common and essential types of appliances found in kitchens, their ability to keep certain grocery items cool and fresh for long periods of time makes them a very handy home appliance. These unorthodox refrigerators however, have been designed with unusual shapes and themes, making them look more like eccentric pieces of decor than practical kitchen furnishings. From contemporary fridges that are specifically designed for fruits and vegetables to those that are incorporated into pieces of furniture and cars, these unorthodox refrigerators will definitely have guests perplexed at these unique cooling devices.

From Displaced Honeycomb Coolers to Fridge-Less Produce Preservers: