The Electrolux Future Fridge Changes Shape to Fit Your Food

 - May 14, 2011
References: & designbuzz
Refrigerators are indispensable to the Western lifestyle, but until appliances like the Electrolux Future Fridge come to be, the chillers will continue to do a good job of cooling far more than they need to.

Niebo Design has come up with a solution. The bulk of the avant-garde kitchen contraption will be made of an extremely elastic polymer, allowing the consumer to start small, and the appliance to stretch as more shelf space is needed. Energy efficiency is the goal of this project, which translates to more fine-tuned temperature readings for different items based on necessity. This way, nothing will be kept cooler than it needs to be.

Some other neat features of the Electrolux Future Fridge are the doors, which become transparent when you touch them, providing a peak inside without letting the cold escape. The foods inside will also be kept within a tight embrace to make sure no freshness escapes.