- Jun 25, 2013
The multiple appliances utilized in a kitchen can easily hike up your electricity bill, but if you’re looking for a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way to store your food, then these eco fridge designs will certainly do the trick.

Refrigerators often rely on electricity to keep them powered-up and cool all-day-long, which makes storing fresh food heavily reliant on these often unreliable factors. These eco fridge designs however, have been outfitted with creatively sustainable features that will help keep your food items cool no matter where you go. From sun-powered eco fridges to eco self-chilling coolers, these environmentally designed refrigerators are offering a much more practical way to keep your items cold.

Perfect for those looking to infuse some eco-friendly methods into their home, these eco fridge designs will keep your items cool and fresh in a much more sustainable manner.

From Eco-Friendly Coolers to Solar-Powered Fridges: