KeepCool Fridge Preserves Your Food with the Help of the Elements

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: & dexigner
For those who resort to storing their milk on the windowsill in the winter, the KeepCool Fridge is an object you can work with. Essentially an engineered standard food cooler, this invention keeps your groceries fresh without any need for electricity.

Creator Vincent Gerkens won 1st prize in the EESC Design Eleven competition for Ageless Design, providing an apparatus that is easy to use by anyone of any generation. Operating on elementary principles, the device can also be considered timeless in its natural ingenuity.

The cylindrical receptacle can function as an additional refrigerator or as a primary storage compartment for camping trips. The KeepCool Fridge incorporates two layers of material with water in between, cooling in the outside air and refreshing through a process of evaporation.