From Tap-Triggered Handy Heaters to Silver Seedling Radiators

 - Apr 30, 2014
These handy heaters will ensure the winter months aren't a time of impending doom in your household. Some people fear this time of the year due to its icy chill, but with these futuristic radiator designs, the attitude will shift from anxiety to excitement to use these sleek devices.

Dyson of course has made its way into this roundup, with a distinct heater that features a cutout section in the middle. Looking at the design, one wouldn't think that this could work properly, but the team at Dyson has managed to defeat the odds. Other handy heaters can add a touch of decor to the home too, something that's not normally thought of when it comes to radiators. The Scaletta heater for example is in the shape of a ladder, and can even be used to hang wet clothes on.