The Electrolux Cortina Kettle Warms Food the Futuristic Way

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: yankodesign
For people who pack lunches for work or drink their coffees too slowly, the Electrolux Cortina Kettle by Gergo Kassai is an appliance worth investing in. The remarkably simple heating system comes with none of the worries commonly associated with microwave use, and it actually works much faster and more efficiently than most means of warming food.

So much more than a true kettle, this contraption is suited even for the preparation of chunky soups, despite the complexity of its dual compartment configuration. The user simply pours his beverage or liquid-based dinner into the upper transparent cylinder, adjusts his preferred temperature and watches as the device brings its contents to a simmer and directs them down to the lower container. Different still from conventional operation, the Electrolux Cortina Kettle uses induction to heat directly in the receptacle, so it switches off the moment it becomes empty.