Carisa Design Home Heaters Flaunt Hot Attitudes

 - Mar 8, 2009
If you like the warmth of radiant heat but don’t want an old-fashioned baseboard radiator, you have choices. Carissa Design Radiators are the mother lode of unique stainless steel heating forms. Some look like musical instruments. Some double as shelving. Others are perfect as room dividers. All provide comfortable heat. 

Unlike other radiator designs, many in the Carisa line are sculptural and will remain fashionable over time. There are so many forms that one can be found to compliment any style or space. This is probably why this line won the 2008 Good Design Award.

Carisa is the premium brand of Turkish-based Termosan Heating Systems, established in 1973. The company offers design radiators, electric towel dryers and towel-warmers.