- Dec 17, 2011
Whether or not the nine famous flyers of Santa's sleigh are simply fictional myths or real, the reindeer-related innovations continuously being conceived keep the antlered creatures present during seasons other than Christmas.

Of course antlers have always been a staple as taxidermy trends go, but the addition of the branch-style bones are being seen on everything including seating, socket-covers and as shot glass adornments. The infusion of reindeer-inspired touches doesn't stop at decor, as even supermodels are sensualizing four legged fawns, using their defensive horns as haute couture headpieces while clad in lingerie.

The emergence of eco-friendly reindeer-related innovations are what will win over the animal lovers, but even if you're not a fan of the furry festive mammals, no one wants to see Rudolph turned into Reindeer Pate. Oh deer.

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